Weekend with the family

27 04 2010

My family and I just enjoyed a VERY relaxing weekend with some good friends in San Antonio, TX. We went to a place called Cascade Falls and toured a natural cavern, which was my first time to be that far under ground, and pretty much just relaxed the rest of the time. We did go to Boerne, TX which is a small town outside of San Antonio and enjoyed a small town square, some football and ice cream. My kids found a fountain and the next thing a I new they jumped in. They had a blast. It’s amazing how little effort or money it really does take to give your kids an unforgettable experience. From now on, forget Disney World, just give them a Motel 6 with a swimming pool and I’m the king of the world. At least for a couple of more years anyway.

[Vimeo http://vimeo.com/11560740 w=500&h=400]


Happy Thanksgiving!

19 11 2008

Hello everyone and Happy Thanksgiving.
Next to Christmas, Thanksgiving is my 2nd favorite holiday of the year (except for my birthday which I’m still lobbying to get made into a National Holiday but to no avail). This year we are spending it with close friends and family at Darron and Jana Schmitts house. I think the fun part the day for me is the whole day itself. Not just the glutinous eating or the football but just being with everyone and enjoying the whole day together. I guess I just gave away my answer to the famous “share what you’re most thankful for around the dinner table moment.” I’m grateful to have a family (blood and church) that I REALLY look forward to spending time with. Not out of duty, tradition or obligation but out of a desire to be with the ones I love, who encourage me, pray for me and love me know matter what.

Happy Thanksgiving

A Picture is worth a 1000 words…

27 10 2008

I, Jeremy, a fellow bond servant of the Lord Jesus Christ writes to you with great excitement. …what am I doing, writing an epistle?

She did it!!! Diana has shown an extreme amount of patience and determination along with a tremendous display of good stewardship and hard work. She has finally been able to purchase the camera she has dreamed of for a very long time. A very nice camera I might add. Should you see her now you will more than likely see her accessorizing with a Nikon D90 adorned around her neck just waiting for that perfect shot. I think I’m almost as excited as she is about having a camera but truly I’m more proud of her and her accomplishment. I’m a very lucky man!