Downloads & Links

Aviom Mixer Template

This is a pdf file of the Aviom Mixer lable that I use. I have removed my band members names to make it more generic for anyone else that wishes to use it. It is sized to fit perfectly on your Aviom mixer and aligns with each channel. It was created in Excel but I could not upload a .xls file, only pdf. If anyone would like the actual modifiable Excel file just shoot me an email: and I’ll send it to you.

Planning Center Online

By far the best organizational tool I have in scheduling my team/ band, uploading charts and general communication with anyone or anything that concerns the elements flow of our Worship Service.

I HIGHLY recommend this tool to anyone who leads a team(s) and needs to schedule multiple people and get information out to the masses without having to set up a distribution list in your email box and send large attachments that never seem to go or clog up your server. Go check them out. PCO is constantly updating their program making it better everyday. Two thumbs up!

Blank Rhythm Charts

Thank you to Warren Jacobs, a fellow Worship Leader at Preston Trail Community Church in Frisco, TX., for giving me a crash course on how to write rhythm charts. I’ve started writing my own now, at least for Custom Arrangements, because it seems that you just can’t get enough info on a chord chart. (you know the sheets with all the Bold, Capital letters over the lyrics) I prefer to limit my Rhythm charts to 2 pages simply out of convenience and also because I don’t have extensions on my music stands. Nothing looks worse than your band looking like their reading their charts off music stands the size of a drafting tables. So I created this template and ran 50 or so copies that I can keep in a folder next to my desk for quick access.


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