Third and Final Module

22 03 2011

Wow! Has the time ever flown by. Yesterday began my last module in the New Life School of Worship and it appears to be shaping up to be a great one. On Mondays and Wednesdays I’ll have a very practical Applied Music Theory class where it takes the “head” knowledge of theory and puts it into practice on an instrument, writing band charts as well as charting out vocal harmony parts, and then the Worship Practicum class. This class covers the details of choosing your setlist; what factors you should consider when choosing songs and then towards the end we’ll have to choose a music set (song list) and a band, rehearse and then lead worship for a group of people who will be critiquing and grading us. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my Systematic Theology class and Songwriting class taught by Jared Anderson. I’m thinking that the theology class would be better named the Reading Theology class. The class syllabus indicated we’ll be reading about 750 pages. Ugh. Songwriting… I’m really excited about this one. Out of all the classes I’ve taken here, when it comes to writing songs, I feel mostly like a three legged fish but it is definetly an area that I want to develop. Well that’s all for now. Pray for us if we cross your mind. We’ll be house hunting AGAIN in about 6 weeks and moving back to Celina in 10 weeks. It will be here before we know it.



New Series @ Lifeway

30 12 2008

Lifeway has a new series called “Live Green” starting January 4 that you won’t want to miss. We’ll be putting a new spin on the “eco” system. No, not “eco”-logy but rather “eco”-nomy. Come check it out and learn how you can take the fear out finances.

Labor Day weekend 2008

2 09 2008

I hope you all had an awesome Labor Day weekend. I did! Yesterday was the first day of Dove season. Yes, it’s true. I killed the bird of peace. Several actually and it was awesome. Diana and I were talking last night after the kids went to bed and we got into a conversation about how she doesn’t understand how guys can get so into this (hunting) sort of thing. It was prompted by her late night trip to Walmart to get shotgun shells for me for this morning’s hunt and while she was there she saw some hardcore hunters there that couldn’t find what they were looking for and it seemed that their world was coming to an end as a result. She said, “I don’t get it! What’s the big deal that would make guys so serious about it?” I proceeded to tell her about the thrill of the hunt and the excitement after making the kill and then here came the biggest reason why I enjoy hunting so much. Yes, those things make it fun but they really aren’t what draw me to this sport the most. What I enjoy the most about it are the times I get to be with my Dad (who is still the one I prefer to hunt with the most) and other friends/ hunting buddies. I look forward to sitting around just talking about and get ready for the big day. I enjoy the scouting trips to the field before season comes in and then the excitement of the first hunt (opening day), the comradery and fellowship with the other men and later in the day when the shooting has calmed down and you get to just relax. Later on in the season I look forward to the days of just going out by myself, like an mini-retreat. I don’t have to talk to anyone, I don’t have to listen to anyone, I can just enjoy being alone. These are good times. I look around with enjoyment and gratitude for what God has made and given me full access to. I enjoy thinking about my family, what God is doing in their lives and how I can be a better husband and father. I think about what God is doing in my life and how He’s trying to mold me into someone He can use. I’ve never thought of myself as a very deep thinker and I’ve even said that I can’t be left alone for very long with just my own thoughts without scaring myself. But, these are good thinking times for me.
So, is it the actual hunt that makes this “hobby” so anticipated and enjoyable? For me, it’s only a part of it and probably a small part. It’s more of what comes along with the hunt than the actual hunting that gets me excited.