About Me

Hi there! My name is Jeremy Walker and I’m glad you’re taking the time to get to know me. I am a husband, father and Worship Leader.  I have a wonderful wife (since May 29, 1999) and three great kids.

My time leading worship began in 2000 when my wife and I became church planters. After only 9 months of marriage we moved from Texas to Indianapolis, IN to join a small team of people with a vision of starting a church from scratch. Knowing that I wanted God to use me I volunteered to lead worship. Keeping in mind that I only knew about 6 chords on the guitar and had never sung in front of anyone before, other than my steering wheel with the windows down. The first few weeks were excruciating to say the least. I had seen other worship leaders do “it” before so I knew what “it” SHOULD look like but I had no idea how to actually lead worship. In that time I learned something very important about following God and obeying Him and that was…what He has called me to do, He will also give me the desire and the power or ability to do. That has been proven over and over and over again in my life. Since that first time of leading worship in front of those 20some people God has burned into me a passion for leading others to experience Him in ways that only music can do. To see people come into a church service, having just been beat-up and kicked-on at home, work or just life in general has taken it’s toll, and through music help them be able to shed those past hurts or weights of guilt and for a moment be able to see God for who He really is…what a rush!

I look forward to hearing your comments and thanks again for taking time to visit my blog! Feel free to contact me via email:   jeremywalker529@gmail.com



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15 11 2010
Imelda Lewis

All I can say is I am very proud of the man God has gifted to follow Him. Haven’t been a part of your adult life but i so enjoyed your child life and I will always cherish that! Love you! Aunt Imelda

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