1 Week Left!

20 05 2011

The time is here. Next Saturday, May 28, 2011, is graduation day for New Life School of Worship students. Words and phrases that come to mind are: excited, relieved, bitter-sweet, I’ll miss it, I’m ready to move on, but probably the most accurate emotion I have is “I’m ready”. I’m ready to get plugged back into Lifeway, my home church in Celina, Tx. I almost feel like I’m start fresh again and so I’m ready for whatever God has for me.

For those of you who are reading this blog post who have ever had to move your family you’ll know first hand what we’ve been going through recently. Knowing we have to be moved back to Celina by June 1 there has been a level of stress on our part of needing to find a place to move into when we get back home. Yes I know God has it under control but sometimes my “human-ness” gets the better of me and the stress begins to build. I called a good friend, David Kinsey, who is in the real estate business in town and asked that he help us start looking for a house to rent. He quickly got back to me and said there were a total of 6 houses listed for rent in the whole city of Celina. Not good for someone trying to move in. We had planned for Diana to go home for a few days and spend her time there driving around house hunting. But in a matter of a week, he located a house, gave me his recommendations and went and looked at the house with my mother on our behalf, sent an application to the other agent and today we have a house to move into. Thank you Lord and thank you David. There has been a great opportunity here that God allowed us as parents to take advantage of, the opportunity to teach our children to be prayers. For the last month we have prayed with our kids that God would provide us with a house. Diana even added a few specifics as to what kind of house she was praying for and the kids made sure that those specifics made their way into their prayers too. And because God is so cool and loves giving good gifts to his children all of what Diana was praying for is in this house. Yeah God!

Please keep us in your prayers as we pack up our apartment and make our trek back down to Texas. Specifically as we travel on Memorial Day, for safe travel on the busy roads.

Thank you to all who have made it possible for me and my family to be where God has called us and we shall see many of you very soon.




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