Our “New Life” in Colorado Springs

17 08 2010

Well we have begun to settle into our new apartment and we are now down to those famous last few boxes. You know the ones that you question whether you should find a place for the stuff or just get rid of it all. I vote to get rid of it! (insert a manly Tim the Tool Man Taylor grunt here)

All of us are still not feeling quite 100%. The locals tell us that it usually takes at least 6 weeks to get fully acclimated to the altitude of the city, which according to the Garmin GPS is approx. 6800 ft. Another adjustment that has proven challenging are the roads around here. At least the multiple directions that they travel. It’s not like our small rural town where for the most part county roads run pretty straight, North and South or East and West. Here, one minute I’m headed North, then East, then North and then the road will actually turn West and eventually back North again. I’m sure I will eventually get my bearings and won’t have to rely solely on the GPS or Google Maps to find my way around.

Last Sunday was our first Sunday to attend New Life Church. It was fantastic! Jared Anderson led worship and the teaching was brought by Pastor Brady Boyd. (Pastor Brady is formerly of Gateway Church in Southlake, TX) He did make a couple of jokes at Texas during his sermon, mostly about the heat. And since it was 104 deg in Celina when we packed our Uhaul truck and 75 deg when we arrived in Colorado Springs, just this once I let him slide. After the service was over my social butterfly of a wife had already met about 100 different people. One couple in particular had just moved back to Colorado Springs recently and was telling us a little of their past and about their children. When they asked where we were from Diana replied, “Dallas.” We figured it was much more recognizable than Celina. They then asked where in Dallas so I said we were from a small town north of Dallas named Celina. The husbands eyes opened wide and said, “I’ve eaten at your Burger Fixins!” The world really is a small place! We drove 800+ miles, attended a new church which runs on average of 15000 people and the couple we choose to sit beside has eaten at our local burger joint back in Texas. Amazing!

Braden, our 6 year old, started 1st grade this week. He’s so excited he get’s to ride the bus this year the long 3/4 mile journey to his school. Cruz will start doing some workbooks at home to prepare him for Kindergarten next year and Mia… well she’ll just be her normal little bossy 2 year old self.

I still have a couple more weeks before my school starts (New Life School of Worship) after Labor Day. I finally received our reading list for Module 1 and hope to get a head start on the book list.

Thank you to everyone who had a part and continues to have a part in this journey that my family and I are on to help others find and follow Christ.




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17 08 2010

Hey, welcome to Colorado! It will take a few months to get used to the altitude. When I moved here from Missouri I had a headache for months. The Springs are beautiful and there are a lot of sights to see. Enjoy it. God bless you and your family.

18 08 2010
Amie Streater

Hey welcome to Colorado Springs and to New Life Church! We’re so glad you are here. I’m from Texas too (Keller, to be precise, busy burb just north of Fort Worth). I’m so glad you felt welcomed. I’m the financial stewardship pastor and would love to meet you and your family next Sunday.
Please let me know if you need anything at all – transitioning is hard and we’re here to help you!
Be blessed!

20 08 2010
Grace fox

Thank you so much for the Update !!!!!

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